Tamás Páczai - exhibition in Budapest

“Every word means what it means (and nothing else) because everybody believes that it means what it means.” 
(Sándor N. Szilágyi)
Is this statement true for our visual world as well? Do we associate meaning to a word based on what we see? Or do the meanings of images make up the picture?

A dog run over. A godfather with a cataract. Ringing frost in Livez, Romania. Dutch alleys and sunbathing swans. Tulips in artificial light.

Tamás Páczai’s instant (after)images of his Transylvanian home and his life as a migrant worker in the Netherlands are hanging peacefully on the walls of the “Little Manó.”

What do they mean? Perhaps what everybody “believes” they mean.  
- Bela Doka, curator of the exhibition-

The most successful contributor of PhotoPort - portfolio consultation, organized jointly by the Studio of Young Photographers and the Hungarian House of Photography - Mai Manó House in October 2010, won the opportunity to exhibit in the Mai Manó Gallery in 2011. The professional jury awarded Tamás Páczai, in consequence of which bozgor has revealed.
Website of the photographer: paczai.hostzi.com