Vintage Photo Days

I found this sole 4x4 photo inside the container where the workers put all the rubble from an old house they demolished on my block in Buenos Aires. That girl was the old woman that lived inside that house till she died and the house was condemned: her name was Aurelia Momo.

I found some film rolls somewhere in the streets of Buenos Aires: this photo belongs to some erotic shooting!

I like these 3 pictures!

A typical souvenir from Mar del Plata, our beach city. The rotten paper adds a very nice effect.

Whoever was Harry Flemming?
 I did a short search on the web and found this information: 
"Harry Flemming from the Virgin Islands was an entrepreneur-dancer-adventurer-gigolo (and part-time boxer!) who went around a good part of the world leading a revue which included a 15-piece band. When on tour in Argentina during 1928 Les Loups joined Flemming's company, with which they sailed to Europe on February 1929 and worked in several countries (mainly Spain) for the next two years. They were billed as Hawaiian guitarists and wore white clothes and flower garlands". 

Juan Domingo Peron and his wife Maria Eva Duarte aka Evita.

He looks far more happy than she does!

I love this image: I found it in the gutter, all wet and dirty and tried my best to save it.

This was shot in Barcelona. On the reverse a stamped seal reads 'Sunahya, Only in the world'

Thanks go to Pablo Cruz Aguirre of Buenos Aries for sending in these wonderful found photos. You can see more of his found pictures on his web site Fotos Encontradas.


mrurbano said…
It is almost five years ago since I found Pablo Cruz Aguirre's project. It is so fascinating...can't get enough of his fotos encontradas
Glad to see you on 591 Pablo!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
what an interesting variety of found photos! Thank you for sharing!
br said…
great finds!!!