Vintage Photo Days

Isolina Rincon, my father’s mother. His family says that of all the grandchildren I am the one that looks like her.

My father, Sixto Mendez, walking the streets of Buenos Aires around 1949.

My father, Sixto, with my mother, Consuelo, on the right, in a picture taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina, around 1949.

My father and mother partying with their friends, the Figueroas. Picture taken around 1955 in Caracas, Venezuela.

My mother and father fell in love in Buenos Aires around 1949 while studying there. They married and came back to Venezuela.

My brother, Sixto, eleven months older than me.  Picture from around 1951.

This is a picture of me in the front garden of our home in Caracas around 1954.

Me and my two brothers looking out from our yard in a picture from around 1957.

My sister, Reina, as the Queen of Carnival when she was a preschooler, around 1960.

My cousin Isabel Bianco when she became fifteen years old in a picture taken in her home around 1967 in Caracas.
All of the above family images were sent in by Consuelo Méndez in Venezuela.


mrurbano said…
wonderful photos Consuelo - I enjoy them all
br said…
great family photos!!! very interesting!
Consuelo Mendez said…
thank you kindly for posting these.....