Visions of a Village - Lóránt Fülöp

Visions of a Village
Is redefining the past considered as a revolution? Or is it simply time travel? A desire to understand the nature of light? Like searching for God, who hides sometimes in a shadow, sometimes in a grey blighted spot. Or the whole, through which the light enters to the photosensitive material. 

You saw the sun awakeing, telling you the process of waking up and telling you your dreams, and with her softness she embraces your body. And not only yours. One has to simplify, as it has been said. 

Like a village simplifies in front of the world. Like the countryside unfolds itself, better to say: gets naked. Opens its arms and tells a story. The light swirls on the surface of the photosinsitive material and the vision is caught forever.
- Lóránt Fülöp


Rhonda Boocock said…
Beautiful story you have showed us of this village!
mrurbano said…
A great vision - thank you for sharing it with us!
br said…
profound glimmers of life!!! thank you! great photography.
Várday Béla said…
Excellent picture series - fantastic view!
f. l. said…
Thank you very much! Big honour for me, to be here. Thank you, Ulf!
Balogh Anita said…
Wonderful exhibition! I am very glad to see your creations! I feel so, that your work is exemplary.
Gratulálok, és nagyon örvendek!:)