Vintage Photo Days

This picture shows my grandparents Zlata and Daniel Lamensdorf playing chess in their home sometime around 1930. They were both murdered by the nazis during the 1940s.

This picture shows, from left to right Stacha Galecka and my parents Maurycy and Hana Holzer walking the streets of Krakow in 1935. All of them survived the Holocaust but are now dead. 

The above two pictures are supplied by Jurek Holzer to show something of the life of Jewish people in 1930s Poland.


mrurbano said…
A glimpse into Europe's darkest moments in just two pictures. Thanks Jurek for sharing
Rhonda Boocock said…
After reading the history it totally changes my emotions when looking at the photographs... powerful and chilling.
Robbie Kaye said…
So beautiful, poignant and powerful.