-photography is.... my one and lonely - Tamas Varga

This is much more than a self introduction  from a great  Hungarian  photographer , Tamas Varga. It's much better,so much better!!!I hope more and more people around the world, have the opportunity to view this beautiful work! /Anita Balogh/

I was born in Debrecen, Hungary. I earned a degree in Faculty of Medicine and is currently working as a child psychiatrist.

I have spent a large part of my spare-time working with many different historical and alternative processes, like camera obscura, oil print, gum print, kallitype, cyanotype, nitro-transfer, wet plate collodion.

I had 7 solo,- and more than 40 collective exhibitions. I wrote some articles for different photo journals emphasizing the connection between photography and psychology.

I fiery magnetized by traditional techniques; the new love in my life is wet plate collodion processes: ambrotype, ferrotype etc. I am a member of the Association of Hungarian Photographers.

-photography is.... my one and lonely-

Introduced in 1851, Wet-Plate involves coating an enameled metal or glass plate with a collodion mixture, which is then sensitized, exposed and processed – all within a few minutes and while the plate is still wet.

Ambrotypes are wet-plate collodion images made on glass plates, they appear as negatives, and can be enlarged in a traditional (black and white) darkroom.

The title of the project is Condensation, alluding  to psychoanalysis which used this terminus for dreams. My aim, as a working method is to indicate the analogy of pictures and dreams.

Condensation - one dream object stands for several associations and ideas; thus, "dreams are brief, meagre and laconic in comparison with the range and wealth of dream-thoughts".(Freud, Jung)

These pictures are taken with special, self-produced pinhole cameras on different photosensitive material such as negative film, printing technique film, x-ray film. Number, diameter and placement of the holes, focal lenghts, placement of photosensitive material are changeable according to our conception, new and unusual dimensions are open.

This makes the pictures seem dreamlike.

The fair with long tradition takes place Kőrösfeketetó ont he bank of the river Sebeskőrös. This is an inimitable diversity of todays modern and  traditional market place.

 Copyright © Tamas Varga


Rhonda Boocock said…
great photos...they have a surreal feeling to them that is wonderful!
Lajos Gombos said…
mind gyönyörű! gratulálok!
br said…
excellent and interesting photos!!! These are some of the best I've seen!
mrurbano said…
I feel like watching a page in "Camera Work"- this is excellent work. Your pictures shine. Thanks for sharing with us.
f. l. said…
Nagyon nagyon örvendek, hogy láthattam olvashattam! Gratulálok!!!
Patt Blue said…
I love this work, it makes me feel alive and in the midst of something that is happening, I don't know what, but something, and I feel happy reading these words . . . placement of photosensitive material are changeable according to our conception, new and unusual dimensions are open. Beautiful.