Vintage Photo Days

My brother's class around 1940

The same school class with my brother from around 1943.

This third picture is the same class from around 1945

One of the depicted men is my grandfather - the photo is taken around 1900-1905.
It is damaged, but the faces look quite OK. I love the brown tone. It's an example of studio photos from that time, the portrayed people were ordinary workers but they dressed up when going to the studio.

Football, Sweden, probably late 1930's - my uncle on the far right.

Two girls on a bike, I have no info about it but I guess it is from the late 1940s what is your guess? Love the sunglasses.

This photo is taken around 1930. The girls are having a break from their work, they worked in an agricultural college as kitchen maids etc. One of them is my mother.

On the back of this photo is written: "Örkelljunga skyttepaviljong", a small dance hall made famous by a song. The gentlemen have apparently got hold of tickets for the dance, they look quite cool, taken around 1928.
This is the last set of images and they were supplied by the boss Ulf Fågelhammar. What a great exhibition this has been, I've enjoyed the experience of running it but the most enjoyment came from seeing all of the wonderful images that dropped into the inbox from 28 people around the world (plus me). Thank you all very much for taking the time and for your generosity in sharing them. 

Please keep sending (not to the Vintage Photo Days email address!) and posting images that are interesting, regardless of age; all good photography is welcome on 591. 
The Vintage Days exhibition slide show will be online very soon!


Rhonda Boocock said…
Wonderful and interesting photos...especially the handlebar mustache in your grandfather's picture and those cool guys with the tickets!
br said…
Ulf: a great collection of vintage photos!!!
Paul: thank you for editing and presenting the beautiful exhibition!
Sehraeuber said…
wow, all pictures are superb jewels!