Vintage Photo Days

Elektrifoto - A nice red/brown toned women portrait. I think the stamp on the back tells us that the photographer K.W. Mets in Tartu, Estonia used electric light in his modern studio.

The three aircraft pictures above are scans from a found 35mm negative strip that I found in a storage cabinet for maps etc. It was in Stockholm so I suppose it is taken perhaps on the military field Barkarby. I don't think the aeroplane really could fly.

Photographs found in Örebro Sweden 1988 - pictures from USA, probably Oakland, California. The woman that wrote on the back of the pictures is named Gussie. I don't know what these ladies are doing!?

Gussie and Esther are going for a car ride 1918

A scan from a badly damaged nitrate negative, I guess the
negative is from around 1930. Hallsberg, Sweden.

A Photograph bought in an antique shop in Tartu, Estonia 26 May 1998 on the back a stamp with the photographers name Ljubinova, Narva 1904

A typical dressed farming woman from the area around Tartu.

I don't know anything about this person.
Photographs bought in an antique shop in Tartu, Estonia, Örebro and Stockholm, Sweden by Lars Mellberg.


mrurbano said…
Good to see these findings and good to see YOU, Lasse!!
Rhonda Boocock said…
Great Gussie and Esther! :)
Lynda said…
Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!