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“Homage to the New York Photo League” - Phil Decker is now in the permanent gallery

Locked away by Dimitri Pilalis - now a permanent exhibition

Jan Bernhardtz - A Retrospective II

591 Permanent Exhibition: Jan Bernhardtz - a retrospective I

591 Permanent Exhibition: China: 'Other Cities' - Jean Philippe Gauvrit

591 Permanent Exhibition - Amulets - Cosmin Munteanu

591 Permanent Exhibition: Lines - Zoran Djordjevic

Twice one - Yanina Boldyreva - now a permanent exhibition

Selected work by Alek Lindus - now a permanent exhibition

591 Photography permanent exhibition: Entre Q'alas y Lonq'os- Liese Ricketts

591 Exhibition: Ramblin' - Göran Tonström

591 Exhibitions by Anne Berry, S.Gayle Stevens and Abby Robinson are now permanent

591 Permanent Exhibition: Peter Agron - A Retrospective - chapter ii

591 Permanent Exhibition: Tompkins People - Abraham Menashe