591 Permanent Exhibition: Jan Bernhardtz - a retrospective I

 51 pictures )

My name is Jan Bernhardtz and am a Swedish photographer living in Berlin. I'm retired now. 
I love walking the streets of this city. It's huge and diverse. Two parallell streets can be very different. I switch streets and experience new things. 

I don't like big heavy cameras. I prefer old discreet film cameras.  Discreet and silent.
In my youth I studied at Christer Strömholm's photographic school in Stockholm. He has meant a lot to my way of seeing the world around me. Yet I try to interpret the world in my own way.
The pictures presented here are from 1969/70 and mainly from the Swedish town Örebro.

I am glad to finally present a permanent online exhibition with pictures by Jan Bernhardtz. His way of seeing the world is incomparable. I am a JB fan indeed. We actually met in real life the other day for the first time. A memorable moment, although Jan was not too impressed by Stockholm. He is "Berliner" from top to toe. - Mr Urbano


Anonymous said…
Jan, this photographys are a great gift for my eyes :-)))
cafe selavy said…
Jan is a contemporary photographic genius. His images transcend normal vision. They are the stuff of cinema and dreams. His photography makes you see things as they were just before you turned to look for yourself. You are always just too late to see what he saw before you. And that is is why we need him.
DJ said…
Very nice! Detta gillar jag!
Jan Bernhardtz said…
Thank you, my friends, for your wonderful words!