Photographer of the Week: Marcin Górski

From series "Portugal" © Marcin Górski
Cristina © Marcin Górski
Stockholm 2005, © Marcin Górski

Marcin Górski (b. 1972
Lives in Gliwice, Poland)

Studied both Structural Engineering and Architecture at Silesian University of Technology (Gliwice, PL), now professor at this university. 

Self-didacted in photography, keen on analogue medium and large format photography.

Participated in over 30 individual and collective exhibitions in France, Portugal, Sweden, Poland, UK, USA, Italy and Japan. His works were published in several books and art magazines. Co-author of two photodocumental books "Madeiro" and "Balcerek".

Member of several photo-groups and associations: in past - gruppo F (Sweden), Pontos da Vista, PhotoLife Reporters and now Fotoalternativa (Portugal) and KGF Collective (Poland).

from series Japan b/w © Marcin Górski

Creator and president of Gliwice House of Photography, co-organizer of Gliwice Month of Photography (2007 and 2008). Organizer and curator of several exhibitions (for example Ami Vitale, Jeanne Wells, Michał Łuczak, Mariusz Forecki, Andrzej B. Górski).

One of the editors of The F Blog and Miejsce Fotografii blogs.

Co-editor of Fotoindex magazine (Poland) and corespondent of Camera.doc magazine (Portugal).

Personal blog Slow
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It is special for me to have Marcin as Photographer of the Week on 591. We have cooperated on some photography projects and exhibitions and I am a great admirer of his work. We also met a couple of times here in Sweden. 

I am really looking forward to present a selection of Marcin's work. - Mr Urbano

Gliwice, Poland © Marcin Górski


cafe selavy said…
Another of the master's of photography. Marcin brings a high modernist sensibility that is ironically refreshing in the paranoid blankness of postmodern images. Marcin's images speak of the human spirit.
Great photographs, and a lot of good feelings.
djingen said…
Nice light!