591 Exhibition: Life Goes On - Alan Martin

I am an amateur photographer based in Kent, England. I specialise in medium format analogue film photography, and strive for a dreamy vintage aesthetic in my photos. My main body of work centers around the ocean and the lifestyles surrounding it, most favored - surfing culture. I search for niche areas of interest and follies within the seaside and urban environments, and the people from those places bring all my work together and I have a equal passion for staged and candid portraiture.

Born(year): 1983
Lives in: Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
Coming, planned exhibition: About to exhibit a solo show at the Show Off Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, United Kingdom May 8th-14th
Inspiration (photographers): Ryan Tatar, Dan Bass
Inspiration (other): Surfing, the ocean, seaside nostalgia
Website: www.alanmartinphotography.co.uk

Photos © Alan Martin


Anonymous said…
lovable pictures :)

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