Everyday Life's Value - Nathanaël Fournier

La plage, Calais (On the beach, Calais)

Brigade PINK à l'assaut de la Police, Calais (Clowns brigade against the police,
during NoBorder protest, Calais)

I am a 30 years old photographer from Lille, Northern France. I'm working with analog cameras and no crop for about 10 years. I'm travelling in France, Belgium and Corsica, and practising Street photography and reportage:

I'm also a co-founder of RAZZIA, a photographers collective based in Liège, Belgium. We're running together an exhibition June 2013, in Liège.

This set called "everyday life's value" is shown in Pleven, Bulgaria during the Phodar Biennal. These ten pictures were all taken in France between 2008 and 2011.

Ancienne brasserie Terken, Roubaix (Disused brewery, Roubaix)
Mohamed, poète et sans-papiers, Lille (Mohamed, illegal immigrant & poet, Lille)
Rue Neuve, Lille (On a shopping street, Lille)
 Boutique de mangas, Paris (Mangas shop, Paris)
  Camus, Toulouse
  Le violoncelliste, Lille (The cellist, Lille)

 Un couple, Paris  (Two lovers, Paris)

Photos ©  Nathanaël Fournier