Pictures of people taking pictures - Phil Decker

Last weekend my wife and I enjoyed the Tulip Festival in nearby Woodburn, Oregon.  I think there were almost as many people as tulips!
I was fascinated by how the colorful tulip fields became a backdrop for non-stop portrait photography, like an open air photo studio..  So many classic shots in the works ... crouching low in the field, smelling tulips, standing tall in a row, etc..  What did all this photo taking mania mean?   What memories were being created?  Do the tulips become a backdrop, or is their splendor still the main event?  I decided to capture photos of the phenomena of people capturing photos.
The Iris Festival is coming up in just a couple weeks!
- Phil Decker


br said…
great photos! yes, it is like an open-air studio....natural and formal at the same time. beautiful!