Down on the Farm - Simon Johansson

Simon Johansson has created a very fine series of photos from this one day event. Soulfood down on the farm. - Mr Urbano

During almost six years, a group of artists from Öland, Sweden called Kultivator has created and participated in projects aiming to promote cross-fertilization between two essential human activities; Art and Agriculture
In July 2010 the artist group held a manifestation called "The Wedding Between Art and Agriculture" inviting the public and guest artists from around the world.

All photos © Simon Johansson


br said…
excellent photos!! the composition is unconventional and very interesting!!
paulboo said…
Well done Simon, excellent portrayal of this rather wet event, loved the show.
Mikael said…
Very good, many nice moments captured
Simon Johansson said…
thank you!