In the year of: 1934

photographer unknown

I look at this photo of three young women dressed up for the photographer. The year is 1934 and the world is about to explode in a terrible tragedy called the second world war.

There is a film called "Kronika wypadków milosnych" about the last summer of a relative peace in Europe (1939). It was made by the Polish director Andrzej Wajda. I was very touched by the film and I will never forget the mood in it. The love story was darkened by the shadows of an approaching catastrophy.

It is a strange feeling to look at photos from the 1930's of people unaware of what is about to happen. These girls were lucky to live in Sweden (one of them is my mother) and survived the horrors of the coming years. But so many others were killed or wounded. I can´t help to think about those times now and then. Where did all that evil come from, all the destruction?- Mr Urbano


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