The Hand, summer 2008

Photo © Thomas Håkansson

There is some magic about 591, I think. Lately there has been many photos of windows for example (vindauge) wind and eye. It is a beautiful word (even if I don't like the ope...OK OK - I will not mention it)

When I first saw this great portrait by Thomas Håkansson, I was struck by his sensitive approach in portraying the elderly lady by the window. The reflection provides the portrait with a deeper dimension - to me it is like a reminder of the passing time; clouds passing by, the sky constantly changing. - Mr Urbano

See more of Thomas Håkanssons work and the introduction to his exhibition on 591.

Thomas Håkansson on 591


Anonymous said…
Strong portrait !!!

Darren said…
An engaging portrait...excellent!!!!
Mikael said…
Superb portrait, the expression is just wonderful