untitled portrait

Photo © Mikael Jansson

Mikael dropped by the other day wearing a Boca Juniors T-shirt but he also brought some fine Italian wine. He is a great photographer and a great person. His Wii fitness needs to be improved though.

You have seen many of Mikael's photographs on 591 - almost all of them portraying people in different situations. This portrait "against the wall" is plain and convincing. I like it very much. - Mr Urbano

OTHER portrait by Mikael Jansson in 591 Summer exhibition
untitled portrait (2)

Visit Mikael's space on 591 and take the tour!


tatiana said…
Strong portrait indeed !
Paolo Saccheri said…
convincing like an E. Weston's portrait
just finished reading one book of his... :))
br said…
great contact...you have a special touch with street portraits. !