Planket - Göteborg and Malmö

200 photographers exhibit in Göteborg, Majvallen - August 15

140 photographers exhibit in Malmö, Folkets park, August 29

It started in Vitabergsparken, Stockholm in 1982 and was inspired by exhibitions of art around Washington Square Park in New York. Planket Stockholm was as an open air exhibition of photography and presented a mix of established and unknown photographers. In the mid 90's the exhibition in Stockholm came to an end only to be revitalized a couple of years ago.

But Planket in Stockholm seems to have lost its direction - this year there will be an exhibition with 20 photographers who have documented "something else than reality" (?) according to the organizers.

Mr Urbano's Planket recommendation this summer: Go to Göteborg or Malmö.


Oskarp Mask said…
Good thinking!