Great expectations

Photo © Tiberio Fanti

It's such a wonderful picture. I love it. Tiberio, I would love to hear from you hermano from Italy! By pure coincidence I am drinking some great wine from your country. Great expectations - let us stay with this mood for a while. - Mr Urbano


Johnny Boy said…
you shoulded say Fratelo, cause Hermano it´s Spanish. ;) just a comment. Regards
Paolo Saccheri said…
yes, fratello with double l is the italian world for hermano. :))
anyhow this is quite an amusing (for the age of the child) and strong portrait.
he is almost dominating the wild nature around him as well as the reader's look.
Oskarp Mask said…
This is such a WISE shot showing a wise child.
Jan Bernhardtz said…
The boy wants to grow to be a man. Maybe he is already. He looks strong. The girls love him. I don't know. Anyway this portrait is wonderful.
paulboo said…
Totally delightful :o)
Totally agree wit Paulo's comment.
Tiberio Fanti said…
Many thanks everybody, my friends & brothers. I apologise for my "unsolicited" absence: there have been "pure" holidays (no mobile, no pc, no ... camera) in the middle and a lot of hard work, once back in my office.

Flavio, my son, has grown up with a camera pointing at him. That's why he can stand and stare a lens so naturally. He's been my pal & caddy during many of my photo/bike raids, just sitting silently behind me and watching what the hell his fathe was doing.
Now he's starting to shoot on his own and he's just six! Let's see ... I have great expectations but I won't do anything to drive him on any choice. It's his own life.

Thank you all again.

P.S. A curiosity. My brother is called "Armando", which is the italian corresponding to an ancient german name, Armand (heer mann), meaning "brave man". On the other hand "german" comes from latin "germanus" (hermano in modern spanish), which means "brother, from the same relatives".
Just words!
Mikael said…
A wonderful portrait