Hard times

Photo © Tsienni

I am glad to see Tsienni participate in the summer exhibition. Although I have never met him, seeing his photographs is like meeting a citizen of the world. He speaks Chinese, English, French, Swedish and Hebrew - he is also covering subjects involving many different cultures and ethnic groups. In a way, he is telling me that the world is one.

In this portrait of a woman looking out from a window, I have tried to figure out what the letters mean and I came up with (after some googling) Cracovia (a Polish football-team from Kraków). Perhaps Adam can help me out with this. - Mr Urbano

You should have a look at Tsienni's blog where I found an interesting article called "My new Baby" ( Hello Mr Björkbom, you should read this)

Blog : Tsienni's Timespace - write for the future reader

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carl said…
Fantastic shot by a fantastic man.
Paolo Saccheri said…
Tsienni has done one of my top preferred photos in this exhibition: Peking Hutong.
The man's body is like dancing in his walk inside a great composition.
Just wonderful!!
Mikael said…
Superb capture of expression and mood