Closer to Beyond - from Genoa to Calice Ligure

The exhibition that we held with so much joy in Genova at the Galleria_Studio 44 has now moved to Calice Ligure in the Museum of Contemporary Art "Casa del Console". It will be there until August.

We are all very happy for this project that saw us from web to wall and thankful to Mr Urbano for the great support to us and to photography with 591!

We are starting to promote a cultural exchange with a new exhibition of photographers from Genoa and organized in Budapest next year, with the theme: Inner and Outer Metropolis. We'll keep you informed, dear 591 readers!!


Vedres Ági said…
I'd love to be there, again.
Mikael said…
Glad to hear! Best wishes!
Mr Urbano said…
a magical mystery tour that should travel the world!
vera fehér said…
you can see the exhibition's diary on ! :)

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