11 Photographs (just a glimpse) - Kenneth Larsson


on the loose

Photos © Kenneth Larsson

"Candyman", "on the loose", "wrapped" - they are pictures I have carried in my memory as treasures for several years. I was very glad to hear from Kenneth again -
we once had some great exchange of thoughts about photography.

All photos on show are treasures to me and I hope you will get a proper glimpse of what Kenneth Larsson's photography is about in this display of 11 pictures - each one of them so rich in content and style. - Mr Urbano

all 11 photos by Kenneth Larsson in 591 Photography Gallery.

Kenneth Larsson
Lives in: Örebro, Sweden
Latest exhibition: 2008 in Nässjö, Sweden
Coming, Planned exhibition: Örebro
Inspiration (Photographers): Sune Jonsson, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Doisneau...
Inspiration (other):Music. Books, Films etc...
Film, digital or both: Both
Quote: “Photographs should be provocative and not tell you what you already know." Duanne Michals


Anonymous said…
Fotografi helt i min smak, riktigt bra detta tycker jag :)
Anonymous said…
Yes! Great photography!

M Jenemark
Ingemars tankar said…
Hej Kenneth
Varierande och intresanta bilder av hög teknisk kvalitet osv
Måste erkänna att det är ganska länge sen jag såg några bilder av dig och de jag minns bäst är dina experiment med polaroidfilm
Favoriter här är nog Thåström och fjällbonde

Rhonda Boocock said…
I'm glad to see a glimpse. Would enjoy more. Great photos!
Anonymous said…
Hej Kenneth,

fina bilder från en duktig fotograf, vi kanske ses här uppe i norr!


Peter Lilja
Mikael said…
Wonderful serie, wrapped is my favorite
Örjan said…
Nice pics
great b/w work too.
Especially like the nightpic.
Keep it up :)