591 reportage - Genova Pride

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There has been a national day held in Genoa. The Genova Pride. I assume that the chosen name was not openly declared as Gay Pride because of the supposed cultural closure of Genoa inhabitants, or probably because the word gay is too narrow for that pride reality.

The day has been like a great happy moment for everybody. There were many people of different associations on big trucks with music but also in the street with their placards, flags, funny dresses or just simply walking along. But also a lot of average families with mothers fathers and children were out in the streets following them.

There has been a lot of music and happy moments, a crowd of more than 100.000 persons inside or outside the manifestation made the City of Genova a center of cultural aperture. Those who were prejudiced about the manifestation, they had different ideas while walking in the streets.

At the end it has been a day of positive feelings that kept everybody a bit closer to the others. The whole comprehensive love.
Text and photos © Paolo Saccheri


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