Photos © Carl Andersson

It is a pleasure to present these great pictures by a photographer born in the 90's. The smokers were captured in London, 2008. Suggested MUSIC.

Carl Andersson
Born: 1991
Lives in: Lidköping, Sweden
Coming, planned exhibition: Planket, Skövde, 15-16 August
Inspiration (photographers): Anton Corbijn, Anders Petersen, Hans Hammarskiöld
Inspiration (other): Everything that passes my eyes.
Film, digital or both: Both, but prefer film


Anonymous said…
This is great photography !

Rhonda Boocock said…
excellent series of photos!
Simona said…
great series of smokers, wonderful portarits, clever theme!
Paolo Saccheri said…
very good!
nice moments
Anonymous said…
I really like the first one. Her look is great. well done!

viktor g
br said…
nicely seen, great fotos!
Magnus Persson said…
Congratulations! Nice to see your photos here and good luck with your new blog! I'm sure your future style of photography is right for you.
carl said…
Thank you all for your support. It gives me the inspiration needed to continue walk the streets out there. Hopefully, I can come home with some new material to show you some day.
Mikael said…
Nice moments