Young Woman with Statue of Saint Jude Thaddeus

Photo © Keith Dannemiller, Sept 2008 Mexico, DF

I like Keith Dannemiller's street portraits from Mexico City. They tell me more about the people of this Mega city than any guide. You have enjoyed an exhibition by Keith on 591 Photography and you should also have a look at the series "Women in Glove" published on 591. - Mr Urbano

591 Exhibition My City My Soul
Women in Glove

Keith Dannemiller was born in 1949 and lives in Mexico, DF
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portraits by Keith Dannemiller in the Summer exhibition

"Couple with Bangs, Chapultepec Park" November 2008 Mexico,DF
"Young Man with Image of Saint Jude Thaddeus" May 2008 Mexico, DF


Paolo Saccheri said…
I appreciate your photos a lot!

I enjoyed the "dancer" series into your interesting web site too!

Show us more... :))