Self-Portrait #16C, 2008

Photo © Alyson Belcher

I am very fond of Alyson's pinhole self-portraits. They express something of the magic, the unexpected and "unseen" in photography.

Alyson says: "Because of the unpredictable nature of pinhole photography, there is no way to really know how an image will turn out. I don’t usually begin with a clearly defined idea. The images often reveal stories that may or may not have been known to me previously. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t my stories. Often the body remembers what the mind has forgotten."

I like her point of view a lot - Mr Urbano

Alyson’s work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world. She is represented in San Francisco by the Robert Tat Gallery. To see more of Alyson’s photographs, visit the gallery or go to

You have also met her in a 591 online exhibition:
Pinhole Self-Portraits


m agejev said…
There is nothing like the combination polapan 55 and pinehole!