Once I dreamed I was, 2008

Photo © Jennifer Henriksen

I love this self-portrait made with the Holga. It makes me think of a movie star of the 1920s. They were the most beautiful ever, weren't they? Clara Bow, Loretta Young, Claudette Colbert etc.

Jenifer says:
"Capturing a moment on film is more about instinct than thinking for me, and sometimes I don't even realize what my connection is with the image until after I see the final result. I also love simplicity, which is why I rely mainly on simple, cheap, film-based cameras such as Holgas and pinholes."

It is a very good point of view. - Mr Urbano

OTHER portraits by Jennifer in 591 Summer exhibition
Untitled, 2007

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adm said…
I love that picture
Paolo Saccheri said…
very strong and fascinating!
Chris said…
-Oh, I love this one!
Jen said…
Thanks all :) And thank you for posting!!