Margareta, 1970

Photo © Jan Bernhardtz

I see Margareta standing in the hallway, looking quietly at the photographer. Her shadow seems to be looking out of the window, towards the light and equally silent. There is no time - there is only this moment almost 40 years ago.

Jan Bernhardtz photography is important. He raises questions about us as human beings often with humour, but without making us look ridiculous. I value his work a lot. - Mr Urbano

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Paolo Saccheri said…
Jan is really one of my preferred photographers.
A master photographer.
I would like to see his photos here in Genoa.
br said…
a beautiful portrait, classic and lovely light.
Simona said…
impressive portrait
Jan Bernhardtz said…
Thank you my friends...and Paolo I'd love that!
cafe selavy said…
Jan, of course, is just the best.
Michael W said…