Pair, 1985

Photo © Lenke Szilágyi

It was a great pleasure to discover the photography of Lenke Szilágyi much thanks to her compatriot Emese Altnöder who recommended a link where Hungarian photographers were presented. She partcipated in a 591 online exhibition with an extraordinary series called "Post-Soviet Journeys"

In an essay by John P. Jacob called The Enigma of Meaning he describes Lenke Szilágyi's work as a "reminiscent of the earliest photographs of Kertész, made in Hungary shortly before he emigrated to Paris. Her images descend directly from the tradition of the “decisive moment,” established by Kertész and Cartier-Bresson after him." --- "immediately appealing in their realism, Szilágyi's photographs are also extraordinarily disorienting."

I am very impressed by what I have seen of Lenke's photography and I hope to meet her again on 591 Photography. - Mr Urbano

Lenke Szilágyi on 591 Photography
OTHER portraits by Lenke in the 591 Summer Exhibition

Selfportrait 1995
Viktor, 2008


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