I Sing The Body

Photos © Alin Barbir

Starting today Tatiana Bitir will bring us some great photographers from Romania. I am glad to see how 591 finds new friends of photography from around the planet. The world is one. - Mr Urbano

Alin Barbir
Born: 1981
Lives in: Cluj Napoca, Romania
Latest exhibition: (the one and only till now) Group exhibition -"Comparison"-O.Goga Library -Cluj Napoca-march 2009
Film, digital or both: digital
Inspiration:my thoughts, free minds, the day before yesterday
Quote: Sometimes all our words are inadequate for the burden of our hearts..
Homepage: 6xam.carbonmade.com/

The poem by Walt Whitman


Anonymous said…
Superb, superb !!! Glad to see RO on 591 !!!

Darren said…
These are a delight!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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