Vintage Photo Days

My only entry for the Vintage Photo Days exhibition is this one of my grandparents, who I never knew. Grandparents from both sides of my family had passed away before I was ever born, and this is the only photo I've ever seen of my fathers parents on their wedding day. It was found after my father passed away, hidden in a garment bag for an unknown reason, and no one in the family had ever seen it before until then. I'm glad I was able to finally see what both of them looked like, and am honoured to share the photo with all of you.
Sent in by regular 591 contributor Michael Kirchoff


Rhonda said…
Thank you for sharing is indeed a treasure...I'm glad you found it!
Arte Joe said…
Felicitaciones por la foto y por el descubrimiento. Saludos! Joe
wonderful. Michael
paulboo said…
I wonder if the slightly bored look on her face is due to the amount of time they had to stay still for the picture? Anyway, love this happy image.
I think she's glaring at the annoying photographer taking the photo.... ; ) .....I've seen that look before! Ha!