Pontus Höök - a Swede in New York

When visiting the website of Pontus Höök, there are three words introducing the site; "Lights, Camera, Passion". It is a good summary of what photography is about. Pontus Höök's pictures from the streets of New York City remind me of the wonders of photography. Countless situations changing from one second to another, a continous shift in the light, millions of faces and expressions, so many things going on in the world around us.

There is no lack of motifs, each single second present us with endless possibilities...the art of photography is unique in this aspect...it gives you the option to stop time, to preserve something from the constant flow, from the change and from the fact that nothing will last and that everything fades.

I was especially hit by the picture of the telephone receivers. It tells me that you can photograph anything and if you got the skills and the passion you can make great photography depicting very simple and usually unseen motifs.

The pictures in this series are from Pontus' blog called "a swede in new york". It is great, you should visit it. On his website I found some interesting multimedia too. Have a look at the audiovisual story about
White House columnist Helen Thomas, (87 years old). It is a great mix of audio and photography. - Mr Urbano

Pontus Höök
Born: 1971
Lives in: New York City
Latest exhibition: "The Obama Effect", pictures of candidate Obama from the 2008 presidential campaign trail, showing the effect he had on people.
Ongoing exhibition:"How Swede it is" I realized that I see Sweden differently now that I have not lived there for so many years. The exhibition is about what's typcially Swedish. Illustrating the good and bad.
Inspiration (photographers): Elliott Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Burnett, Damon Winter, Todd Heisler.
Inspiration (other): New York
Film, digital or both: Digital
Quote: This is a wellknown quote that I have modified and put on my facebook page: "A picture says more than words".
A favorite photograph: A picture of me, my daughter and my grandmother that my wife taken three years ago. My grandmother has since then passed away which makes the picture very precious to me.

Website: pontushook.com
Blog: pontushook.blogspot.com

All photos © Pontus Höök


Mikael said…
Great reflections from the big apple
Johan said…
Gillar framförallt bilden på ängeln vid övergångsstället.
adm said…
A telephone tree - great ;)
Rhonda Boocock said…
that's what is so great about NYC, everyone sees something different. Wonderful vision!