Istanbul by Mehmet Yücer BORÇBAKAN

It's a great series of photographs presented to us by Mehmet. He lives right there in Istanbul and has recently started his project about his city. I am also glad to find out that he is yet another photographer born in the 80's. We have seen other fine images from Istanbul by Thierry Clech and others on 591. - Mr Urbano

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Mehmet Yücer BORÇBAKAN
Born: 1981

Lives in: İstanbul / TURKEY

Coming, planned exhibition: 2011

Inspiration (photographers): Josefh KUDELKHA, Sabastio Salgado, Ara Güler

Inspiration (other): Coen Brothers

Film, digital or both: Dijital & WB film


All photos © Mehmet Yücer BORÇBAKAN


Rhonda Boocock said…
interesting b&w series...happy to see it here!
Tiberio Fanti said…
Wonderful pictures and great mood. I feel in tune ...
Mikael said…
Nice, really like the mood
GC said…
excellent images!