Ryuta Abe - The 80's reinvented

If you visit Ryuta Abe's site you will find a series called "Cars". It is fascinating. There are around a dozen pictures of parked cars. Just that. No spectacular light conditions, not very interesting car models, the pictures are not taken from a cool angle...in fact they are quite uncool. Well, that is what interests me about what Ryuta is doing...he is the opposite of pretentious, pictorialistic or predictable.

The picture seen above is a favourite of mine. I see a creature, almost human looking back at me. A recent series by Ryuta is called "Bugs or not". It's another favourite. I hope to see much more from Ryuta in the future. - Mr Urbano

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All photos © Ryuta Abe

Ryuta Abe
Born: 1985
Lives in: Japan
Inspiration (photographers): BECHER, Bernd and Hilla , Hamburger Eyes
Inspiration (other): FUGAZI , Hitoshi.Matsumoto.
Film, digital or both: Film