Hovsjö Södertälje Sweden - Frank Aschberg

All photos © Frank Aschberg

Frank Aschberg has done a great job in this series depicting everyday life of people in Hovsjö. I like the way he connects to people and his gentle touch in telling their stories. Frank is yet another talented photographer born in the 80's and he is also a filmmaker. You should have a look at "Fear of doing something wrong" and other short films found on his site. - Mr Urbano

GO to "Hovsjö Södertälje Sweden" by Frank Aschberg with more pictures.

Frank Aschberg
Born: 1981

Lives in: Stockholm Sweden
Latest exhibition: The Hovsjö series. Stockholm
Inspiration (photographers): There are so many...
Inspiration (other): My wife
Film, digital or both: Digital
Quote: Love is all. wise is the one who knows there is still much to learn
Homepage/contact: www.frankaschberg.com


Tiberio Fanti said…
Impressive! What a huge amount of work presented. A tour into his website is a well spent hour. What touhes more is his ability to get in tune with the people his shooting, you can see it from their faces. Thanks for sharing Ulf.
Rhonda Boocock said…
so many good series on his site. His documentary photography is excellent!
mia said…
Oj vad bra!
br said…
great great great work. real and meaningful. !!
Mikael said…
Superb work