a place called home

Photo © Christofer Grandin

I am very fond of Christofer's way of looking at the world through his camera. Hearing about his new site was great news.

Christofer says: "For some time now, I have felt a little dissolved when it comes to my apperence on the web. And all my pics that are out there in different places. In different context. So this is mainly my attempt to create some order to that chaos. To create something that can be called a home. A fixed point."

You should go and have a look at some very fine photography to be found there.


Altnőder Emese said…
Jakub said…
Very nice pictures
laan said…
Rhonda Boocock said…
so good to see you have found a home...I will visit often...I hope you're offering tea! :)
Chris said…
Thanks, all of you,

And ofcourse I will offer tea and apple pie Rhonda!