The 80's reinvented - Helène Raccah

Photo © Helène Raccah

Helène Raccah is a keen passionate photographer, daughter of a photographer. Also my aunt. My uncle Mino used to bring us four cousins, like if we were brothers, in a wonderful place right above the sea in the Cinque Terre, Liguria, for our Easter and summers holidays. From the tiny balcony (just outside the image) you could see only sea in front of you and some steep land below.
This photo is taken in our last year there in San Bernardino. 1980. Paolo, Sandra, Silvia, Ilik, us four cousins. Something atop the ladder, Helène taking the photo.
/Paolo Saccheri


Anonymous said…
St.Bernardino - Cinque Terre - Italy
Che bei ricordi Paolo! com'è tipicamente 80's questa foto vista oggi.