Anni Leppälä - Young artist of the year 2010

Jardin II, 2010, 80 x 108cm, pigment print on aluminium

Anni Leppälä will exhibit at the Tampere Art Museum, Finland
from 17 April to 30 May 2010
. Enjoy this preview from the exhibition selected by Anni for 591 Photography. Congratulations to you Anni for being awarded as "The Young Artist of the year". - Mr Urbano

Anni Leppälä is the 26th Young Artist of the Year. She lives and works in Helsinki. Leppälä (b. 1981 in Helsinki) is studying in the photography program, MA, of the University of Art and Design Helsinki. She held her first private exhibition in 2004 and has participated in collective exhibitions from 2001.

“My interest towards photography is closely related to time in the past tense, to the possibility of being able to make a moment motionless, to make something stand still. That something has existed, and has now been set in static state."

Light , 2009, 21 x 28cm, pigment print on aluminium

Window (forest), 2009, 31,5 x 46cm, pigment print on aluminum

Woods, 2010, 38 x 53,5cm, pigment print on aluminum

Reading, 2010, 31,5 x 42,5cm, c-print on aluminum

All photos © Anni Leppälä


Unknown said…
So beautiful, Anni!
Rhonda Boocock said…
amazing the color...wonderful series of photographs!