The 80's reinvented - Shannon Richardson

I spent some time looking through Shannon Richardson's photography. I fell in love with his square, black and white portraits and photographs made by the Hasselblad and the Holga. They have substance and make you want to see more.

Shannon is a commercial/advertising photographer based in Amarillo Texas. I hope we see more of his work on 591. But for now please be sure to check out his pictures in the 591 Spring Exhibition and on his websites. -Rhonda Prince
GO to the 591 Spring Exhibition "The 80's Reinvented"

 photos©Shannon Richardson


Mr Urbano said…
The hands, the hands
they have become iconic to me
like a monument of the 80's
a great photographer
Tiberio Fanti said…
I went through Shannon's website and I agree with you on the power of the presented works, Rhonda. I'd like him to write some more about himself, Texas and route 66.
Mikael said…
Superb pics, always loved Shannon´s work and still do