My 2009 - Niklas Korte

I was born in 1966, I am a factory worker living in the middle of the woods in Västmanland (south of Sweden). I have been interested in images since I was a child and when I was about 20 years old I chose the camera as a tool in front of the pen or the brush. I want the viewer of my pictures to stop and think and to feel. My pictures are open to a free interpretation. There are no obvious answers.

During 2009 I photographed every day and selected a picture to represent each particular day.

- Niklas Korte

I asked Niklas to select five pictures from each month of his grand project. In the gallery view you will have 60 pictures from "My 2009 by Niklas Korte". And still...I feel that this is not enough. His pictures should be seen at the major galleries, because this is among the best photography that has come out of Sweden in recent decades. I am very impressed and proud to be able to show you this selection of Niklas Korte's photography. - Mr Urbano

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Niklas Korte's series
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All photos © Niklas Korte


Anonymous said…
i visited your site and the photos are amazing. can't think of any better photographer in Sweden right now. the raggare-serie is fantastic! hatten av!
/simon j
Anonymous said…
if you can't think of any better photographer in Sweden the check out pieter ten hoopen!
Anonymous said…
Who is the "best" is so unrelevant. What means something is if the image speaks or hits anything within the viewer-communication!
Niklas is working hard with his images and the "establishment" has to let him in.
mia said…
Wow! Fantastic pictures! It's just a matter of time before we can see this in the galleries.. but remember it was first here on 591.. ;)
It's always a subject matter what is best and sweden is a small country.. regardless, this is photography at it's best, evoking a feeling and telling a story in a personal way.. I just LOVE it!
Paolo Saccheri said…
very beautiful images... my compliments for taking pictures every day!
A great way to communicate indeed... with such a result!
tatiana said…
Amazing, amazing photography indeed !
ggl said…
Nice work.
Kims' Sandra said…
I was speechless after I saw all the pictures. I would like to see more and be amazed by the art you create. Niklas, you take amazing pictures!
Mikael said…
Strong and very good
Rhonda Boocock said…
powerful series! Everyday...that is incredible!