Liese Ricketts - The 80's reinvented

We've watched and enjoyed a myriad of faces in the photographs of Liese Ricketts. There is, of course, the '13' series showing portraits of her students at the age of 13 in various locations and moods. Also, Liese has shared her 'Magic Bench' portraits which are, if I may use the word, magical! And her 'Slaugherhouse' series stirred the consciousness of many as we stared in the empty faces of slaughtered animals. In the 80's exhibition Liese shows us a glimpse of some faces from Chicago's South Side in 1985. Her method of creating portraits is intimate and engaging leaving the viewer with a sense of knowing her subjects.  -Rhonda Prince

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Quote: "photography is the chicken soup of cures all ills" - Liese Ricketts