Beloved dogs I and II

My work with the book about Dogs has taken a new turn. I found out that I now shoot with a different approach than in the past, so when looking through my old dog pictures I felt like I had to throw away the whole shit, and concentrate on the new apprach, as I don’t like to mix new and old. Fifteen years of work in the dustbin. A quite annoying feeling ...

Some time later I walked with a friend along the Spree in Berlin. I told him about my dilemma, my ambivalence about it, and that I had to start it all over again.

My friend took a sip on his Beck's and looked at me.

- But Thomas, you make your book just like Guns'n Roses when they released Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II. Two books in one package. Beloved dogs I and II.

- Of course.

Text and photos © Thomas H Johnsson
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Johan said…
Really Great Pictures!