Andrei Baciu - The 80's reinvented

Andrei Baciu is one of the photographers born in the 80's. You have seen some fine work by him on 591 Photography like "Winter Haikus". He participates with five pictures in 591 Photography Spring Exhibition. - Mr Urbano

Andrei Baciu on 591 Photography

Andrei Baciu

Born: 1983
Lives in: Romania, Magurele Prahova
Inspiration (photographers): Kertesz and the masters, Silviu Ghetie and many many more
Inspiration (other): literature, painting, music
Film, digital or both: digital
Quote: "There is no border between photography and poetry. Photography is, just like poetry, full of lyrism. Somewhere, high up, they meet, they mix, they mingle. Photogralysm."
Website: Andrei Baciu | Photogralysm


ggl said…
Hello Andrei. Nice selection.