two more for the 591 collection

Photo © Markus Andersson

There are certainly a few other photos by Markus that I would consider adding to the collection. These pictures will be in a permanent section of 591 and I try to be careful and select images that not only appeal to me at first view but I beleive will stay in my mind if not forever, at least a very long time. This picture is iconic to me and very representative of the work I have seen by Markus. It is the saying of the low one - not yet defined, only noticed by those who are willing and prepared to

Photo © Emese Altnöder

My love story with the photography of Hungary is not a new one
, but I have a feeling that something very interesting is emerging from there right now as you all have witnessed in the 591 Exhibition; Budapest calling. Emese Altnöder is one of the talented photographers from Hungary, that I hope to see much more of in the future. This solitaire called "Anna" appeals to me a lot in its serene beauty and will be my choice for the collection.


Anonymous said…
Fabulous photography !