591 Christmas special

Photo © Rhonda Prince

Christmas: It is fascinating to watch the celebration of Christmas unfold each year. It's different from country to country but also different from household to household.

Photo © Wallace Rollins

Wikipedia has an interesting article about the beginnings of the holiday and it's associaton with winter festivals to the materialistic, consumer-driven celebration is has become in recent years.

Photo © Beatriz Rowland

As we celebrate Christmas in our diverse fashion, 591 wants to offer you a glimpse of Christmas from various parts of the world. May you all take time from your busy schedules to enjoy the peace and joy of Christmas.
- Rhonda Prince

Photo © Markus Andersson

Photo © Ulf Fågelhammar

I am looking forward to Christmas and the New Year celebrations. I wish all readers of 591 a peaceful time during the holidays, with time to think and reflect, to spend time with your families and friends Don't forget to check out 591 Photography. There is one more exhibition opening before the end of the year - Sunday, Dec 28 at 5 PM.
Take care. - Ulf Fågelhammar aka Mr Urbano

Exhibition ended Jan 10, 2009

Photos by Markus Andersson, Tatiana Bitir, Gordon Chapman, Ulf Fågelhammar, Wallace Rollins, Beatriz Rowland and Rhonda Prince.