591 Exhibition - Vera Fehér

Photo © Vera Fehér

Photo© Vera Fehér

Vera Fehér is not revealing much about herself, but her images speak loud and clear. I am thrilled to see the talent of this young woman from Hungary, her great imagination and ability to create a visual landscape of her own. It is a pleasure to share some of Vera's work on 591 Photography Gallery. A great final to the troubled year of 2008 - a vision taking us to 2009 and beyond.

Exhibition ended Feb 14, 2009

Vera Fehér

I am 25 years old and I have been photographing for three years. My pictures are pieces that arise from the depth of the scenery within me. I love it.


Altnőder Emese said…
hatalmas grat és egy nagy puszi
Anonymous said…
köszi :)
thanks Ulf! :)
Anonymous said…
great fotos. !! very expressive and intriguing.
klára said…
ügyes ügyes :D gratula matula
Anonymous said…
Your pictures are full of emotions, Vera.
...3 years only photographing!!!
laan said…
bam bam bam
vera fehér said…
köszi mindenkinek :) arik vagytok! csók!
thank you everybody, take care, hugs!
Anonymous said…
great photos! would love to see more.
/simon johansson
vera fehér said…
dear simon: you can see all at: www.fehervera.blogspot.com
thanks :)
Anonymous said…
Very good work! Impressive!