colour contrast check

Although an amateur when it comes to web design, I try to stick to some basic ideas. I started to use the Internet back in 1994, and the development of this media is just incredible. Back then I used a 28.8 modem that screamed like a monkey when you tried to get online. An image loaded in two minutes if you were lucky and the browser was Netscape version 0.85.

Just a few minutes ago I was reminded of how important the design can be, watching an excellent site with white text against a black background. I have big problems to get used to "white on black" when it comes to web pages, blogs etc. And this is of course nothing compared to popup windows or ads jumping up and down all over the page. I mean - give us a break. Please have a look at some great advice about colour and contrast and much more on 456 Berea Street.
The site is created by Roger Johansson a Swedish web professional.

Result of colour contrast check of 591

I am aware of that I have a lot to learn, but my ambition is to make 591 easy to access, with good contrast etc.
Checking the colour contrast with one of the tools that Roger speaks of was at least a bit encouraging.