68 - winds of change

Mikael brought up the subject about our recollection of 1968. I had a look in an old album and found some pictures from that year. I was 17 years old and remember it as a year when everything seemed to happen so fast - the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy, Mexico City Olympics: an incredible long jump (8.90 m) by Bob Beamon, Tommie Smith and John Carlos giving a Black Power salute at the prize ceremony

The TV pictures from Prague showing students and ordinary men and women in the street trying to stop the Soviet tanks just with the force of their bodies and their conviction was probably the political event of that year affecting me most.

I remember we listened a lot to blues music. Artists like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Big Walter etc.

The picture is from the American Folk Blues festival in Copenhagen, october 1968. In the foreground: Walter "Shakey" Horton, Eddie Taylor and John Lee Hooker.

Most of the pictures shown here are probably taken by Arne Persson, a very good friend at that time. So he should have the credit.


Mikael said…
Yes 68 was a special year, my memories are not good from that year due to a was born 68 but many things happened that was of big concern for the whole world and i still wonder how the world would have been if Martin Luther King still was alive
br said…
these are great...thanks for posting them.