591 Exhibition - Simon Johansson

Photo © Simon Johansson

Enjoy some great street scenes from Paris captured by Simon Johansson from 2002 - 2008. He has done his footwork well, perhaps listening to the words of one of the great photographers (can´t remember who it was); "If you want to be a photographer, the first thing you have to do is step out of your house."

My interpretation of that quote is that you have to explore your surroundings, keep your eyes open, talk to people, open your mind and invite the images to enter the primitive tool you are carrying (yes, it is primitive even if it happens to be the very latest multi megapixel highend camera) - primitive compared to the multitude of things appearing before our eyes.

I had a thorough look at Simon's images while setting up this exhibit and was struck by his keen eye, his ability to find surprising details. Have a look at the picture of the woman walking by passing a pattern created by shadows - there is something on the sidewalk right before her eyes. Will she find it - is it a lottery ticket with a promise to win a fortune? Or is it just an invalid ticket for the Metró?

Photo © Simon Johansson

Listen to Simon:
"Since I first took pictures in Paris seven years ago; I have been accosted, bruised, battered & beaten by those who had eyes on my camera. Not to mention being arrested by the police as it is illegal to take photos of people in the street in France. I once even had to run through a flea market to elude an assailant.

Sometimes, it was an adrenaline rush and sometimes quite surreal. But most of the time - great fun!

To photograph the Parisians is almost too easy! Millions of people constantly on the move, unexpected interactions, intimate encounters, funny events and seldom a dull moment. All on the backdrop of the streets of a vibrant city."

Exhibition ended January 24, 2009

Simon Johansson

Born: 1963
Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden
Latest exhibition: Konstnatten (Öland, September 2008)
Coming, planned exhibition: (Feb/March 2009, when my book with photos from Paris 2002-2008 will be published)
Inspiration (photographers): Willy Ronis
Film, digital or both: Digital


Anonymous said…
very great images!
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Fantastic images, great street!
br said…
beautiful street photos...great!
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exceptional exhibit!

Anonymous said…
@ all: Thanks!
Unknown said…
Interesting to see your stories about the streets in Paris. I find a lot of favorites, Simon!